Perhaps we are drawn to people, places, objects for a reason. In order to locate ourselves we continually make connections.

Monday, 29 March 2010

Revolving Doors and See-saws

They say what goes around comes around. It was a busy office block, one with a glass window exterior. So you could see exactly what was going on inside, except for rooms where the blinds were shut. And even then you could see featureless shadows maneuvering about. It was one of those moments when it was hard to do anything else but watch and wonder why? I couldn't help but notice the size of a woman's calf muscles (they were huge) as she walked backwards and forwards, carrying different papers with her.

Every so often she stopped and talked to a man. They laughed, exchanged papers and then returned to their respective offices, which were located directly above/below one another. After a while I noticed a pattern forming. As the day progressed they both, independently of each other, got up and made their way to the other one's office. She took the stairs, he took the lift. She took the escalators, he took the stairs. This went on and on. But the longer they did it, the less their paths crossed. Until the very end of the day when they both left the building via the revolving door. For a short time their energies were channelled in the same direction, before peeling off and losing themselves in the crowd.

It struck me that it was rather like child's play in an adult world. Except on a see-saw you're working in tandom.

Sunday, 28 March 2010

She wondered lonely as a cloud

Getting away felt good. A change of scenery, a new perspective. I felt I was rediscovering something I'd lost. Something I'd lost a long time ago. But now I know I can do it. One good thing about being on the move is that your surroundings are forever changing. The danger of being trapped in stagnant thought seems to minimise. Ironically you take yourself with you - you are static even though you're on the move. So your only point of reference is yourself, but it changes position as you travel. Perhaps it changes as you travel further away from things you know?

I watched a young woman as she stared out of the window. We were high above the clouds by this point, but she didn't wander anywhere. In fact she was very static for the duration of the journey. Almost statuesque. She looked lonely. A tear rolled from her eye. She wiped it away but another ran down her nose and splashed onto her hand. I wondered what it was that made her so sad?
She thought noone had noticed, so I smiled and pretended I hadn't either.

Somebody said before I had gone, that nothing will change if you go away. Everything just follows you. And as I returned I came to think maybe they were right. I found myself in her seat. In her exact position in fact.

Saturday, 27 March 2010

When will I see you again?

She walked boldly up to him. A sheet of glass separated them. She asked for a return ticket but was unsure as to when she would be traveling back. The response was curt and unexpected, "I don't care when you come back, it doesn't matter to me. You can come back whenever you like, I'm not bothered."

It was a trivial situation but it undoubtedly did matter. To have someone being bothered about whether you'll come back.

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Love is blind

I watched him feel his way along the outside of the building using his hands to guide him. He reached the revolving door and walked in. I noticed that he didn't have a stick, but carried his hat in his hand and was muttering something incomprehensible to himself. As I walked past him he said "hello, how are you my friend?". Turning his head towards me, he uttered "you're beautiful".

I wondered what he really saw?